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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What diameter IV poles do ivPolePals fit?
A: ivPolePals snap tight to 3/4" - 1" diameter poles.

Q: Can ivPolePals remain in a hospital room after a patient is discharged?
A: No, like all other room decorations, they must go home with the patient.

Q: Are ivPolePals toys?
A: No, they are decorations, specifically designed to clip onto IV poles.

Q: After several days attached to a large diameter IV pole, we needed to transfer the Pals to a smaller diameter pole. They seem too loose to snap onto the pole? Please advise.
A: The plastic clips that attach the Pals to the IV pole have a "memory" to them. Let it recover for a day, then it will be able to snap onto the thinner pole.

Q: If I have an idea for a new ivPolePal, who should I send it to? Do you make custom Pals?
A: Please send your ideas for new Pals to newideas@ivpolepals.com. We can make a custom Pal for you, if it turns ot to be feasible to do so.

Q: I would like to share pictures of my ivPolePals in action.
A: Please click to "Share Your Story"

Q: Who invented ivPolePals?
A: The ivPolePals were invented by a family in Texas, who have a daughter with an incurable metabolic disease. The Pals helped their daughter make friends with her IV pole, and they continue to bring smiles into all the hospital rooms where she frequents.

Q: What if my hospital room does not have an IV pole?
A: Most hospitals have extra poles that are not in use, so we suggest asking the nurse if they could bring one in.

Q: What if my hospital does not allow ivPolePals?
A: We have tested ivPolePals for the past 5 years, in hospitals all over the United States, and have not had any hospitals reject the Pals. In fact, most hospitals encourage patients decorating their rooms, as long as the decorations to not hinder the medical staff.

Q: Where were the ivPolePals invented?
A: At Medical City Children's Hospital, Dallas, Texas.

Q: We are now home from the hospital, for a while at least, and want to remove the plastic clip from the Pal. How do we do that?
A: We recommend products such as Goo Gone or Goof Off to loosen the adhesive backed tape so that you can remove the clip off of the Pal. We have tested this method of clip removal, and it does work well, however, placing another clip in that same spot, could result in the adhesive tape not sticking.

Q: My ivPolePal broke. Can I exchange it for a new one?
A: If your Pal has broken in the line of duty, as in normal clipping onto an IV pole or removing from an IV pole, while following directions, then yes, please email your request to Customer Service. If, however, you have dropped your Pal, stepped on it, or run over it, see your local gift shop to purchase a new one!

Q: I have questions about using the website. Who should I contact?
A: Please email your questions to webmaster@ivpolepals.com .

Q: Are ivPolePals choking hazards?
A: They are not, but if broken in pieces, they could be. See the FAQ regarding a broken Pal.

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Who Likes the Pals?

  • Children and adults of all ages enjoy having ivPolePals in their hospital rooms.
  • Patients who are using IV's in their homes
  • Residents who are using IV's in Nursing Homes
  • Patients who are using IV's at Dialysis clinics
  • Cancer patients who cannot have live plant material in their rooms.
  • Some patients do not have IV's, but they decorate an empty pole anyway.
  • Nurses and Hospital staff who want to give a gift to a patient.
  • Doctors who want to leave a present with their patient.
  • Non-Profit Groups serving in hospitals who provide gifts to patients.
  • Hospitals that want to bring smiles to their patient rooms, as part of their basic room package.
  • Shops around the hospital who want to advertise their cafe, product, or service in the patient's room.

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How to Use ivPolePals

ivPolePals are IV pole decorations only to be installed by an adult, and are not toys.

How do you attach a Pal to an IV pole? Read instructions below.

  • Installing and removing your ivPolePal requires the use of both hands. This will prevent the moving or tipping of the IV pole.
  • Find a clear area of a 3/4" to 1" diameter IV pole that does not interfere with infusion pump operations. This area is typically above the infusion pump, and below the fluid bags.
  • While holding the Pal in both hands, use your thumbs to push the front side of the Pal toward the IV pole. Make sure the clip is centered on the pole. Press the Pal in the area directly behind the clip, while holding the IV pole steady with your fingers. The Pal will snap into place.
  • Slide the Pal up or down to adjust its location on the IV pole.
  • To remove your Pal, hold it with one hand, and with your other hand push the two halves of the clip apart, while pulling the Pal off of the IV pole.

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How to Clean ivPolePals

Like any hospital room gift, decoration, balloon, or plant, ivPolePals need to leave the hospital when the patient is discharged.

  • Use a spray or wipe disinfectant on both sides.
  • Always use good hygiene, and wash hands prior to handling your ivPolePals.

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Share Your Ideas

We'd love to hear about your experiences with ivPolePals Share your creative uses of ivPolePals, in the hospital or at home.

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Have an idea for an ivPolePal?

  • Email your ideas to newideas@ivpolepals.com.
  • If one of your ideas is used, we will send you (3) complimentary Pals.

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Need a custom ivPolePal made?

  • Email us your idea, and we will prepare a custom order quote especially for your design.
  • Send emails to newideas@ivpolepals.com

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