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Thanks to little Hannah's mom and dad for sharing her picture and story with the Pole Pals staff. Hannah lost her earthly struggle with life this year, and her family wanted to share pictures of her Pole Pal enhanced pole and crib. Thanks also to Hannah's three sisters and two brothers, who miss her very much.

Abby, Medical City Children's Hospital, Dallas

The end of the school year almost always brings a lot of activity, but this past May our daughter added her own excitement by having an emergency appendectomy. Our surgery was performed late at night and we were discharged by lunch the next day, so we didn't have an opportunity to have many visitors. We were given three IV Pole Pals while we were in the hospital and it really brightened Abby's stay. They are a fun "souvenir" of our crazy time in the hospital that she still looks back on with fondness. What a great way to bring some cheer into a hospital stay for any child!

Samantha, Children's Medical Center, Dallas

Our little girl went into heart failure over Labor Day weekend this year and before that she had never been in the hospital. A sweet person from church gave us 3 pole pals to put on her IV pole while she was in the hospital. Thankfully, we are home now and she clipped them onto her curtain rod where they hang sideways. If you have a loved one in the hospital, you know that you will do anything to make them smile. These pole pals did just that for our little Sam. You can read more about her at

Kiersten, Baylor Medical Center, Dallas

My three and five year old children had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby sister. When they came into the hospital to meet her, they were both a little intimidated by the environment and by seeing their mom in a hospital bed. Letting the kids decorate my IV pole helped to put them at ease during their visit.