Who We Are

IV Pole Pals Partners LP is a manufacturer of hospital room decorations called ivPolePals. Our products can be purchased from gift shops and online retailers. To find a place to buy ivPolePals, click on Where to Purchase. To sell ivPolePals, click on Become a Retailer.

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Who enjoys ivPolePals?

  • Children and adults of all ages enjoy having ivPolePals in their hospital rooms.
  • Patients who are using IV's in their homes.
  • Residents who are using IV's in Nursing Homes.
  • Patients who are using IV's at Dialysis clinics.
  • Cancer patients who cannot have live plant material in their rooms.
  • Some patients do not have IV's, but they decorate an empty pole anyway.
  • Nurses and Hospital staff who want to give a gift to a patient.
  • Doctors who want to leave a present with their patient.
  • Non-Profit Groups serving in hospitals who provide gifts to patients.
  • Hospitals that want to bring smiles to their patient rooms, as part of their basic room package.
  • Shops around the hospital who want to advertise their cafe, product, or service in the patient's room.
 For the complete story, click on The Story of ivPolepals.