Become a Retailer

How to Become a Retailer/Wholesale Buyer

If you have a valid sales tax exempt or reseller certificate, or you belong to a tax exempt organization within the Continental United States, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Fax or E-Mail a copy of your Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate to
Fax number 866.590.1459.
E-Mail to
Please include your name on the fax or email.

Step 2: Create an account on the ivPolePals website and register your information. Once we receive your faxed or e-mailed tax information, we will authorize your account and you can begin shopping. 36 piece minimum opening order, of the Pals of your choice. Contact us for an email or fax in form, and we will share which Pals are the best sellers.

Request a Sample

You can request a sample ivPolePal by e-mailing us at

Complimentary IV Pole Display

New retailers will receive a complimentary IV pole display, sign, and three product hooks to hang packaged products from the IV pole. IV pole displays are compact, easily movable, and come in a variety of choices, depending on the type of hospital.

Regional Hospital Themed Display - For use in primarily adult markets, or hospitals with a mix of children and adults. Free with new account.

Upgraded Displays:

Children's Hospital Themed Display - For use in primarily children markets, $100 upgrade.

Counter Top/Shelf Display - For use in both children and adult markets, $100 upgrade.

Product Basket - This basket allows 16 product pieces to be displayed. $50 upgrade.

Contact us for more details regarding which retail display is right for your shop.